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Discover what so many have already figured out over the past 13 YEARS. Mixed martial arts is for everyBODY… whether young or old, in shape or not, beginner or advance practitioner…or even if you want to compete or not! You’ll see “Raving Reviews” and “Success Stories” of our happily-involved MMA students…
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MMA Athens GA has already helped thousands of martial arts and fitness enthusiasts just like YOU get in phenomenal shape, impress their friends and loved ones, learn MMA and be a part of Georgia’s #1 MMA academy (whether they wanted to compete or not). Give our proven program a try for 30 days absolutely FREE! and see what it can do for YOU!

Raj Gulati

“Only eight months ago, I arrived at The HardCore Gym as a broken, timid shell. My whole life I was told I wasn’t an athlete, and that I should stick to studying – leave the sports to the talented, focus on your studies and find work instead. Unfortunately, at the beginning of my third year at UGA I had a breakdown, and could no longer sustain the momentum of being this ideal student. I lost focus, and I no longer wanted to follow the path that my parents and teachers had set out for me. Grades fell, and with no clear direction, I rapidly declined into the worst period of my life.

It was during this time that I had my first exposure to Brazilian Jui Jitsu and MMA. I was addicted – it was human chess, a battle of wills. Soon, I ended up at the front doors of The HardCore Gym, and was readily accepted with open arms. This place is now my second home, and its members, my second family. The bonds formed with the people that you share blood, sweat, and tears with here are inseverable. Time spent training brings new insights and new gains, but it is only through remaining persistent and putting in the necessary hard work that will bring about this evolution.

Most importantly, though, I’ve gained a sense of self-worth and a near unshakable confidence. This has translated to all areas of my life as I am now a more focused student, and a more enjoyable person to be around than before. The HardCore Gym has changed my life. Thank you, Master Adam and Master Rory.”

“You Don’t Have To Be A Fighter To Enjoy Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)”

It doesn’t matter if you’re older or young, if you’re big and looking to lose weight or small and looking to build strength… it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female… or even if you want to compete or not (and in our program, you don’t need to want to compete; most people who want to try MMA aren’t interested in competition)… in shape or out of shape, ALL are welcome…

As a matter of fact, there are all kinds of people from right here in Athens Georgia discovering the benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training at Athens Fitness and MMA, and if you haven’t checked it out for yourself yet, then, well, you’re missing out big time.

Because while MMA will teach you how to defend yourself, it also gets you in great shape, builds strength and flexibility, and is pretty darn fun, too (it’ll never get stale like those monotonous, boring regular ol’ gym workouts can be).


10 Reasons To Try MMA At Athens Fitness and MMA Athens GA, MMA in Oconee, MMA in Watkinsville, MMA in Northeast GA

  1. 30-Day Free Trial & 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    We can prove our program up-and-down and give you examples of happily-involved students’ success stories (which you’ll see below), but wouldn’t you agree the best way to really see if our program will meet your needs is to come see for yourself for 30 days absolutely FREE?
  2. Shows You How To Defend Yourself
    You’ll learn how to defend yourself on the street, if an attacker grabs you, and you’ll discover how to handle things once a fight goes to the ground – whether you’re on the top or on the bottom… and even if your attacker is much bigger and stronger than you are. Because MMA encompasses all aspects of fighting, you’ll be able to handle yourself in the striking range (punches and kicks), up close in the clinching range (knees, elbows, positional control) and if the fight goes to the ground (whether you’re on the top or the bottom). You’ll learn how to finish fights using devastating submission holds like chokes and arm locks as well as how to setup the knockout shots that will send your opponent/attacker crumbling to the ground in a heap.
  3. Encourages Fat Loss
    By training MMA Athens GA, you’ll be using 100% of your body at all times. That means your cardio will get better along with your overall body strength, resulting in fat loss. By practicing MMA you will work every single muscle in your body – doing that burns a lot of calories, which in turn burns a lot of fat. The more fat you lose, the more defined your muscles become and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll look amazing!
  4. Builds Strength, Power & Endurance
    You will strengthen and develop muscles you never even knew existed! But don’t let that scare you…it’s a good thing… because instead of building up useless, bloated gym muscles, you’ll develop real, functional muscles and functional strength by doing sport-specific exercises… while still being able to make your body look fantastic.
  5. Develops Focus & Mental Toughness
    It takes a degree of mental toughness to put yourself in uncomfortable positions on the mat. When someone is trying to control you, it can get even more uncomfortable – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, by learning MMA, you’ll feel more in control of your body and your mind, and the uncomfortable positions will soon become “no problem.” That gives you one heck of an edge over possible attackers and/or opponents.
  6. Improves Your Cardio & Conditioning
    You’ll get in kick-butt shape training MMA Athens GA with us. Just by coming to practice and learning the principles and techniques, your body will start to transform and your muscles will condition themselves to handle the training. You’ll notice your cardio and breathing getting better, your lungs will get stronger and you’ll feel your muscles get more toned. A bonus of all that is that not only will you feel better, you’ll look better… and people WILL notice.
  7. Increases Your Flexibility
    You won’t become muscle-bound and stiff like many people do who just lift weights all the time. You’ll still build strength training MMA while at the same time becoming more flexible. You don’t have to be flexible to start training MMA – with regular training you’ll become more flexible.
  8. Reduces Stress
    It’s a fact that regular exercise is not only healthy – it’s a key element in reducing stress in your life. A problem with plain-old “gym workouts” is that they usually get pretty boring – but not with MMA training – with MMA training, you’re in a positive environment of constant learning (which is another key element in stress reduction). You’re getting taught by our trained instructors to continually get better each and every time you step on our mats… and not only that, you’ll have coaches and teammates helping you along the way. So if you’ve had a stressful day, you can rest assured your stress levels will be reduced the minute you walk into our academy.
  9. Doesn’t Get Boring… FACT: MMA Training Can Be FUN!
    Our students are having a ton of fun learning MMA Athens GA. Let’s face it. Going to a regular gym can be boring, especially when you’re going through the same old routine day in and day out. Instead of walking from machine to machine like some kind of zombie, you’ll be able to actually learn something that could save your life while at the same time getting in spectacular shape and learning to defend yourself. You’ll be constantly learning and applying techniques that could save your life and you’ll be doing it in an atmosphere that promotes fun and learning.
  10. Increases Self Confidence
    Once you start seeing your results from training MMA with us you’ll notice that your self-confidence will have no bounds (especially when you got compliments from people who hardly paid attention to you before). Our happily-involved students have eliminated fear and (many come to use because they want to be rest assured knowing they can walk down the street knowing full well they can handle themselves in a fight or physical confrontation) Created a more powerful self image. By channeling your energy into something positive, you – and others – will notice something “different” about you. Your self confidence will become “unshakeable!”

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